Christina Wells

Protecting Your Physical Safety Through Self-Defense

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs puts physical safety as one of the primary considerations. Without physical safety, it's difficult to achieve a fulfilled life for the long term. This means that you need to shore up this need at all costs. In addition to securing food, water, and shelter, be sure that you protect yourself from attackers, robbers, or other people who may bring you harm.  Let the tips below guide you.

3 Reasons You Might Want To Be An Accountant

Are you looking to go to school soon? Or maybe you're thinking of going back to school to switch careers? If you've always been good with numbers or your money, one option you might want to consider is becoming an accountant. Here are three reasons why you might want to search for a local accounting school near you today. Demand Rarely Fades Are you concerned about your job security either right now or in another potential career you are looking at?