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Protecting Your Physical Safety Through Self-Defense

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs puts physical safety as one of the primary considerations. Without physical safety, it's difficult to achieve a fulfilled life for the long term. This means that you need to shore up this need at all costs. In addition to securing food, water, and shelter, be sure that you protect yourself from attackers, robbers, or other people who may bring you harm. 

Let the tips below guide you. 

Know Thyself and Thy Surroundings -- And Train Like You Mean It

There's no time to waste when it comes to protecting your physical safety. This also means being honest with yourself and your life. For instance, if you live by yourself or may otherwise be a target for attackers based on any vulnerability, it's important that you address this head-on. You should also know the crime statistics where you live, and understand which areas to avoid. 

People from all backgrounds will gain a lot by training in martial arts. Sometimes you just need to be able and willing to protect yourself long enough for an attacker to realize that it's more trouble than it's worth. Find a local boxing gym that teaches combat training, rather than just fitness boxing. If you'd like to be really well-rounded, train in Muay Thai and jiu-jitsu so that you can have combat training standing up and on the ground. 

No matter which self-defense art you choose, you have to train regularly. This will keep your skills up to par while also instilling confidence. 

Protect Your House and Family With the Right Weapon

Nothing says protection like having a firearm that works and that you know how to use. The threat alone is enough to help you protect your household and your family. 

Look for a quality handgun that is easy to pull out, load, and aim so that you can protect your home from intruders. Go to the gun range on a regular basis in order to keep your aim and handling sharp as well. You should also research the laws where you live to see about getting a concealed carry permit. With a concealed carry permit, you can carry a gun with you to protect yourself whenever you are out in public as well. 

By knowing your rights and owning a gun legally, you protect your physical safety and won't run into legal problems. Contact a company like Concealed AZ to learn more. 

Use these self-defense strategies to be sure you always protect your primary needs.