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A Look At What To Expect From Dental Assistant Training

If you're looking for an interesting career that you can start without investing in years of college, then consider becoming a dental assistant. A dental assistant performs a number of jobs in a dental clinic and works with the public. You'll have a fulfilling career helping people care for their oral health. Here's an overview of dental assistant training.

Learn About Requirements For Licensing

Each state has its own regulations for licensing, and it's important that you understand the requirements for the state you intend to work in once you've received your training. This helps you choose a qualified school and ensures that you have the necessary number of classroom and lab hours to take your licensing exam.

Complete Basic Training In A Few Months

Basic dental assistant training may only take a few months. With this training, you can find a job or internship in a local dentist's office where you can further your education through on-the-job training. Basic dental assistant training includes both classroom and lab courses so you gain the skills to perform basic functions in a dental office. You can often find classes in the evenings or on weekends so they fit around your schedule. Plus, some of the classroom training might be done from home online for your convenience.

Your state may require that you also obtain a few more months of on-the-job training while working in a dentist's office before you can take your certification examination and obtain a license in dental assisting.

Decide On Additional Training You Want

Dental assistant training that covers the basics and gets you in the workforce in just a few months is considered entry-level training. You'll acquire more training on the job that may qualify you for further certifications. You can even take more classroom and lab training to advance your career and learn more about dental office management.

You may want to obtain an AS degree in dental assisting, which would require longer training, but that makes you more appealing as an employee. Plus, you may earn more money with more training. However, you can start your education by attending classes at an adult education center or trade school, and once you're working in the field, you can decide if further education is worth pursuing.

Working as a dental assistant can bring job satisfaction if you like helping people and enjoy working with the public. You'll probably have good working conditions and hours so you can work and still take care of a family or have an active social life at the same time.