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How To Become A Certified Nurse Midwife

If you have always been fascinated with the childbirth process, then becoming a nurse midwife is an excellent career choice. Nurse midwives help ensure pregnant mothers and their babies are safe during the labor and delivery process. In addition, they monitor the progress of the mother and baby during their pregnancy and then again during the postpartum period after birth.

With the current state of the healthcare system in the United States, more and more pregnant mothers are choosing to utilize the services of midwives over OB/GYN doctors or doulas. And, while midwives are known for helping with home births, they also work in hospitals, birthing centers, and medical clinics.

Since nurse midwives are highly skilled and educated, they often earn six-figure salaries and are able to legally practice in all 50 states. This makes becoming a nurse midwife an excellent career choice.

If a career as a nurse midwife sounds like it might be for you, then below is more information about what it takes to become certified to practice.

Nurse Midwifery Education Requirements

To work as a nurse midwife, you must be certified and insured. In order to become certified, you need to first complete a bachelor of science degree in nursing (BSN) program at an accredited college or university. Once you have your BSN degree, then you can apply to a master's program in nurse midwifery. 

Nurse Midwifery Masters Degree Programs

When you attend a nurse midwifery masters degree program, you will learn about many different aspects of women's reproductive health, pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. Also, certified nurse midwives need to have a lot of education about babies and their special healthcare needs.

Additional Requirements to Become a Nurse Midwife

In addition to the required master's degree, you also need to meet each of the following three additional requirements:

  1. You must hold an unrestricted and current registered nursing license
  2. You must work for at least one year as a labor and delivery department nurse
  3. You must take the applicable Graduate Record Examination (GRE) and pass it with adequate scores

The American Midwifery Certification Board Exam 

Finally, once you have completed your formal education and have met all of the necessary requirements to become a certified nurse midwife, then you can take the American Midwifery Certification Board Exam (AMCBE). The certification exam is less than two-hundred questions and is computerized.

If you are not able to pass the exam on the first try, then you will have a few more attempts but must pass it within two years of completing your education. For more information, reach out to colleges that offer nurse midwifery degrees.